Candy Display Case | Curved Front Glass



Candy display cases with curved front glass offers a continuous curvature that leaves no obstructions to viewing your delicious chocolates and candies! This traditional European curved glass design will place your product offerings front and center for your customers to select comfortably the chocolates they desire! 

These climate controlled display cases have the ability to be customized as well. Custom heights of 36" and 42" are available upon request for candy counter height / ADA "American Disabilities Act" compliant. Coldcore Inc. We will work directly with you in purchasing one (1) display or assist you in laying out an entire new store!

Matching non refrigerated candy display cases are available and matching counter work as well as cash and wrap stations, custom counters, corner display cabinets, open front corners with glass shelves. All with the same curvature so everything looks the same and lines up perfectly.  

If you are opening an entire candy store or looking to purchase one single confectionery display case, Coldcore Inc has a complete line of candy display cases for you to select from. We have been supplying humidity and temperature controlled candy display cases and dry candy display cases to the gourmet chocolate industry for over 15 years. Additional store fixtures such as open corner displays designed to match each model profile are available for every candy display design Coldcore Inc offers as well as matching counters and millwork.

We can provide a single standard candy display case or supply custom chocolate display cases creating a signature presentation for any multi store roll out.

Coldcore Inc's PLEDGE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: ALL Bakery Display Cases, Bakery Counters, Bakery Cabinetry, matching bakery corner display cabinets, candy display cases, cash and wrap display cases, chocolate display cases, candy display cases, cake showcases, non refrigerated bakery display, 1/2 refrigerated and 1/2 dry bakery display cases are PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA! All Displays are ETL & conform to NSF 7 Standards, UL Approved and Energy Star Compliant.

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Coldcore Inc is a source for candy store equipment, yes. We also supply matching bakery display cases for the upscale gourmet markets that sell cakes to! These chocolate display cases match identically to the bakery showcases for a seamless and continuous line up of the store fixtures in your gourmet shoppe.

In planning your candy store, Coldcore Inc is the online store for refrigerated candy display cases, bakery display cases, matching candy display both humidity controlled and temperature controlled at 65-68 degree (55% relative humidity) and we don't stop there.

You will need candy trays to stock your chocolates in your candy showcase. You can find affordable candy trays for your candy display cases here as well so your able to stock your candy showcases full of your delicious confection. The durable plastic candy trays you'll find here fit our candy displays perfectly!

Coldcore also sells, chocolate tempering machines, ice cream dipping cabinets, food portioning scales to weigh your chocolates, countertop refrigerated display cases for beverage sales as well as  full size glass door reach in refrigerators / beverage coolers! Coldcore is a complete source for the entire front of your store. If you don't see it here online give us a call, more often than not we can source it for you.

High end & custom finishes available, real wood veneers, real wood raised front panel moldings are available at an increased charge. Please inquire what the current pricing is for your custom finishes.

We look forward to working with you and providing the very highest quality display for the lowest possible price!

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3 FT Model

4 FT Model

5 FT Model

6 FT Model

8 FT Model

3 FT Model

4 FT Model

5 FT Model

6 FT Model

8 FT Model



36" Long x 10" Deep

48" Long x 10" Deep

60" Long x 10" Deep

72" Long x 10" Deep

96" Long x 10" Deep



3’, 4’, 5’ & 6’ displays
$250 per level of lighting

8’ displays
$500 per level of lighting

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