Revolation X 3210 Chocolate Tempering Machine

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Product Overview

ELECTRONICS: Fully-automatic 8 bit microprocessor.  110V or 220V AC, 750 Watts.  Forced hot air.
PLUG TYPE: Three-prong, grounded and polarized.
DISPLAY: 3-digit LED temp. display.  
CONTROLS: Easy to use, easy to clean touch key pad.
BOWL CAPACITY: Max: 10 Lbs. / Min: 3 Lbs.
ACCURACY: Controls pool of tempered chocolate in increments of .02°F.
CYCLE: Melts and tempers 10 Lbs. of chocolate in 1.25 Hours
BOWL TYPE: Removable, high-polish stainless steel with internal stainless steel lock.  Dishwasher-safe.
CONSTRUCTION: All stainless steel with easy-clean brush finish.
BAFFLE: High-impact ABS plastic with internal temperature probe.  Dishwasher-safe.  
SCRAPER: Wear-resistant PE.  Single-piece slip-fit.
DIMENSIONS: 18.25”W x 18.25”D x 7”H
WEIGHT: 35 Lbs.
TEMP/HUMIDITY: Ideal working temperature range: 68-72°F.  Humidity should not exceed 50%.
WARRANTY: One year parts and labor.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review