Revolation 3Z Chocolate Tempering Machine


A lot like the popular Chocovision Delta but larger, the Revolation 3Z can produce 30 lbs of perfectly tempered chocolate at a time. At that rate, your facility can generate 200–1,000 lbs of chocolate per day, with the efficient yet simple controls. The 3Z's user-friendly display screen makes monitoring and controlling your chocolate simple. As with other Chocovision machines, this unit uses forced hot air as its heat source. No light bulbs, no hot water baths.

  • 45 lb. capacity
  • Extended Temper Mode
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • NSF Certified
  • Manual Temperature Adjustment (up to 120 degrees during the Melt Cycle, 100 degrees in Temper Mode)
ELECTRONICS: Fully-automatic 8 bit microprocessor.  110V or 220V AC, 750 Watts.  Forced hot air.
PLUG TYPE: Three-prong, grounded and polarized.
CONTROLS: Easy to use, easy to clean touch key pad.
BOWL CAPACITY: Max: 30 Lbs. / Min: 10 Lbs.
ACCURACY: Controls pool of tempered chocolate in increments of .02°F.
CYCLE: Melts and tempers 30 Lbs. of chocolate in 2 Hours 
BOWL TYPE: Removable, high-polish stainless steel with internal stainless steel lock.  Dishwasher-safe.
CONSTRUCTION: All stainless steel with easy-clean brush finish.
BAFFLE: High-impact ABS plastic with internal temperature probe. 
SCRAPER: Wear-resistant PE.  Single-piece slip-fit.
DIMENSIONS: 23.5”W x 23.5”D x 8.5”H
WEIGHT: 45 Lbs.
TEMP/HUMIDITY: Ideal working temperature range: 68-72°F.  Humidity should not exceed 50%.
WARRANTY: One year parts and labor.
Availability: Usually ships in 2 to 4 buisness days
SKU: 3Z Chocovision
Manufacturer Part Number: 3Z Chocovision


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